Prism Centre For Education

Prism Education and School Development Project

U P S C and G P S C - 2007 (Preliminary and Main Exam)
Std. 4 th to 12 th Group tuitions
CET, XMAT, GCET - MBA entrance
Reserve Bank - A / B Grade Officer's Exam
Bank Probationary Officers
Life Insurance Corporation Exams
General Insurance Corporation Officer's Exams
Staff Selection Commission
NDA, CDS, Naval Exams
ICFAI - MBA ( IBSAT - 2007 )

Please go through the project below. We have made it after a considerable and a lot of hard work and efforts. This is our Dream project and we seek your co-operation to make it a real one. We hope you trust us and join hands to make this a reality.


Nilesh Ranpura

Prism Center for Education
FF-1, Narayan Krupa Complex, Opp. Satyam Flats, Near Chandan Party plot, 

Satellite, Ahmedabad – 380015

Gujarat. India.

Mobile – 98791 39934

Website :


Project Name:
Prism Education School development programme. 

1. Name of the organization requesting funds.

Prism center for Education and School development.

2. When was the Institute established?

In the year 2003, 30 November.

Activities started on
1St December 2003

3. Briefly describe the motivation for starting this Institute and School Development project.

Mr Nilesh Ranpura, a commerce graduate has great ability and experience of running educational institutes and commercial coaching classes. Presently at
Prism Center for education we have admitted 165 students for various courses and standards varying from Std 1 to Std 12, B.Com, BBA, B A, B. Sc.  Students are also admitted for various entrance exams like CAT, GCET, Guj. CET, CDS, NDA, TOEFL, GRE and IELTS.


Coaching classes has a limitation of admitting limited number of students. So Mr.Nilesh Ranpura, who has a broad vision and superb entreprenueral skills with managing the business with dynamic ideas and also considerable help to the society by providing literacy has decided to establish a full fledge school. A School with over 1500 students studying per year with all the modern amenities like Library, Indoor and outdoor sports facilities like Aquatic sports, Athletics, Audio visual aided development room, Yoga room, Assembly hall, Ground for horticulture, Playground with basketball court, tennis court, other sports, Lunchroom for students, Physical training room, ALL and above the regular Central board syllabus studies in all the subjects. Special Foreign language class is also in the pipeline.


A school of its kind is the idea for this project.     


4. Briefly describe the aims of your Project.

1. Providing quality based Education to all classes of the society

2. Providing vocational training, skill development, Sports development
3. Building confidence in students.
4. Making them great individuals by imparting proper knowledge. Not only book knowledge but also external knowledge.
5. To start at present with one school and then every eyar expanding with opening of Schools in 40 Cities of India under the   banner of Prism International Schools (PROPOSED).

5. What non-education related students development activities will be the school involved in?

1. Vocational Training, Skill Development and career growth for students. To provide them free atmosphere where they become career cautious at early age.
2. Education on Art, Music & Drama.
3. Conducting Social Camps, Free Medical Camp.

4. Various competitions like Mehndi, Rangoli, Aarti, Garba night, Flower decorations, Sculpture art, Drawing and painting, Mountaineering, Cycling, Kite flying, Judo and Karate competitions.


Part II: Details about your educational project/s.

6. Specify the type of education provided

Basic Literacy,
board and CBSE Syllabus upto secondary and higher secondary and GSB in standard 10th onwards.

7. Describe the socio-economic background of the children and their parents


Generally parents are from middle class families who are ready to pay fees as they afford to pay but because they all know that it is proper education, that will make life and career of their children and hence they are ready to pay their life time savings also on proper education. They avoid paying lump sum payment and they are ready to pay in installments.

8. In addition to education, will your Project (Proposed) provide any other services to the children in your schools (e.g. food, health care, clothing etc.)?

Yes, healthy food, hostel accommodation, uniform clothing, health care, day care center etc. will be provided.

9. Will your school have


a)       Its own building(s) - Yes

b)       Number and type of classrooms – 3 divisions for each standard = 30 classrooms with proper lighting and ventilation

c)       Toilets  - Clean and hygeinic toilets, separate for Boys, Girls and staff at each floorayground

d)       Chairs & Tables  - Wooden Benches for Students and Chairs for staff

e)       Blackboard, White board and soft cushion notice board in each classroom

f)        Library with all the titles in English, Hindi and Gujarati with ample seating arrangement, regular newspaper and magazine subscription

g)       Drinking Water RO plant mineral water facility for all.

h)       Computer Desk top for students and modern facilities for all the students.

i)         Science Laboratory for Physics, Biology and Chemistry

10. How many children will be enrolled in your school(s) – 30 – 55  students in each standard X 3 division/standard = 1000  to 1500 students

11. How many staff will be employed at your schools?


Teachers 50 Minimum Qualifications Graduate, B. Ed., Principal and vice Principal

Other staff Cook, Ayah, Music Teachers, Sports Coach, Support staff, Office staff. Accountants, Peons etc.

12. Will you help your students with their future education efforts after they have passed out of your school?

- Yes. We will have a special recruitment cell and one dedicated staff personnel for this activity, who will guide the student where to go for further education, Foreign overeas education opportunites, where we shalll have tie up with foreign universities in countries like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand etc. Also we will find out the students, who has business skills and then work on them to teach them necessary business skills which will make them very successful businessman of the country. We will also give them opportunities of part time and full time jobs as they wish with special summer workshops.

13. Are there any other schools in competition – Yes but our school will be different and offer better facilities then any other school specially Sports, where today India completely lags behind.

14. How will parents get involved in education of their children – Parents are spending maximum time with children and they are close in communication with the children more than teachers. So they will be actively involved in the development of the child. Regular Parent teacher meet and only parents gatherings in all terms will be a unique feature of our school. Regular interaction will help us to mould the children better.


15. What are your expansion plans for the future (e.g. adding more classes or schools)?

- We have listed 40 cities and towns of
India where we want to develop chain of schools and education academies. We will start from Ahmedabad and then develop to grow ourselves in all over India.

16. Contact information of two Directors who can describe the Project.

1. Name Nilesh Ranpura  - Mobile 98791 39934, 990 40 80 764

2. Name Bhawna Ranpura – Mobile 922 871 9510


Residence Address  K-401, Kanak Kala – 2, 100 Feet Road, Satellite Ahmedabad – 380051

Part III: Financial Details
17. Sources of fund for PROJECT activities at present?


Fixed Funds
Contributions from Directors Rs.12,00,000.00


Varying Funds
Every month
Prism Center for education gets varying funds i.e. FEES collected from students coming to our classes which is approximately Rs.20,000.00 to Rs.25,000.00

18. Details of projected budget for the next 3 years:

Year(s) Recurring Costs Fixed Costs
2007 – 2008 or 1st Year =  Rs.25,200,000.00 Rs.30,00,000.00
2008-2009 or 2nd Year = Rs.50,16,400.00 Rs.71,51,000.00
2009-2010 or 3rd Year = Rs.111,18,040.00 Rs.121,62,100.00

This is proposed Budget. As we are planning to acquire land and then construct our own School building and expanding our activities in coming years. Expenses on recurring and fixed cost are likely to be increased.

19. Salary expenditure details:

Number Salary Range in Rs. (Per Month)
Teachers  Rs.5,500.00 x 50 = Rs.375,000.00
Paid Staff  Rs.4,000.00 x 10 =  Rs.40,000.00
Other staff salaries per month = Rs.25,000.00

Annual payments Rs. 440,000.00 x 12 = Rs.52,80,000.00

20. Please provide details of the fixed costs of your school/s for the next three years.

Fixed cost per year Amount in Rs.
Electricity expenses Rs.25000/- x 6 (Bi monthly) = Rs.150,000.00
Telephone Rs.5000 x 12 = Rs.60,000.00
Other overhead = Rs.50,000.00 x 12 = Rs.600,000.00

Total Expenses = Rs. 810.000.00

21. How much fees income can be generated?


School Tuition Fees 1500 X Rs.750.00 (average) = Rs.11,25,000.00 X 12 = Rs.135,00,000.00

1. Uniform fees 2. Stationary fees 3. School Bus Fees 4. Picnic fees 5. Term fees 6.  Library fees 7. Exam fees 8. Computer fees 9. Science development fees 10. Laboratory fees 11. Camp Fees may be charged extra on actuals or on incurred basis.
22. What amount are you requesting for the project?

The following are our needs

Items Amount One time/Annual

Acquiring land and Construction of Twelve Classrooms for 1st to 12th Standard. for each class room 10,00,000.00 (i.e. 12 x 10,00,000)  = 120,00,000.00


We will be very grateful if NRI’s / Donors come forward in this honorary venture to raise Building Funds. The name of Donors will be displayed in different class room in the constructed building. We also propose to keep 2 seats reserved for all the Donors who donate Rs. 50000.00 or more. All the expenses on such sponsored students will be borne by the School till they study in the School and make their career.


Vlountary donation can be sent by way of Cheque or draft in the name of “Prism Center for Education” payable at Ahmedabad, India. One USD = Rs.45 INR, One UK Pound = Rs 83 INR for donation conversions.




These are estimates. There can be clarification or suggestions or any changes.